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Baby Is Reading

Application for learning global reading with a small child
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The Baby Is Reading platform is for you if:

➡ you are a parent of a child aged 0-6 or older with educational problems (the upper age limit in the Doman method is neurological, not calendar)

➡ you want to grow your toddler in the most valuable period of his life

➡ you lack time to prepare materials for your child and you need a ready person

Baby Is Reading

➡ is the largest database with cards for early learning to read and intelligence bits in Polish. We’ve also recently added math cards.

➡ based on Glenn Doman’s recommendations

➡ will enrich the child’s vocabulary and broaden his knowledge



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application for global reading

We are pleased to present a platform for learning global reading.
The idea was inspired by the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”. We are very proud of the fact that it has been finally completed and now it is ready to use.

Try it and see for yourself!

The Baby Is Reading team

The largest database















Each day, our word database is expanding.

New lessons and modules are added.

Premium users can also add and publish their lessons in the catalog.
Of course, each such lesson undergoes verification, thanks to which we can ensure the highest quality, verified content.

application for global reading
lesson view - learning reading for childrens

Glenn Doman’s method

The learning algorithm used in the program is mostly based on the Doman method.

Flexible approach to learning

Considering the child’s individual predispositions and pace of learning, a parent is able to freely change the configuration.

We are open to modifications and suggestions that will help us develop our platform.

program for learning reading - configuration
baby profile settings in program, global reading

Personalize your child’s profile

We know how crucial a friendly environment is. In order to provide the best learning results, we included the ability to personalize your child’s profile. You can freely enable / disable the next modules available in our program.

I recommend that application
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Author of the blog TeachYourBaby.pl


Blog teachyourbaby.pl

The idea for the blog originated from the practical experience with my daughter. The theory came later. If you want to make the most of your child’s potential, you are in the right place. We share the same goal.

The theme of the blog is the Doman method and intended bilingualism enriched with elements of the Shichida method and the Heguru method. If you want to stay in touch with me, subscribe the newsletter, join the group and follow the Facebook fanpage.


At the very beginning I did not really believe I could actually teach my child to read by simply showing him words. We were just about to quit global reading by Doman method with flashcards, because unfortunately my son, after a few weeks of playing with flashcards started to turn his head when seeing them. After talking with Agnieszka I realized what I did it wrong, but what’s done is done. I was lucky enough to speak with her at that moment.

She recommended me using the Baby Is Reading program, which has not yet been officially released. I decided to give it a go. Now my son looks at the words as if he was enchanted regardless of whether they include illustration or not. In addition, he almost always chooses a good answer for a given word. Agnieszka told me not to pay attention to the correct answer in the ‘Fun’ task, because some children will choose all the wrong answers despite recognizing the words. Nevertheless, I am still more motivated when I see the effects.

I have to say that I had some concerns about the negative impact of putting a child in front of the computer, but it’s just for a moment, plus we always watch a cartoon anyway.


I promised to write a few words about how we are doing, and share some observations with you. So my three-year-old Leo loves dots, mostly because my 4-month-old child Natanek loves them, otherwise he would probably not be into them so much. He went mad about the dots from Baby Is Reading platform because you are able to change colors there. To be honest, I doubt that he actually learns about the concept of quantity , it is more of a fun for him and he keeps asking to show him the dots over and over again and change their colors. We simply do it for fun, but if he actually also learns something that will be awesome.