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Intelligence bits

using Glenn Doman method

Bit of intelligence cards are a set of thematically linked flash cards, thanks to which we can naturally convey to a child commonly known facts and encyclopedic knowledge. They are designed to stimulate the visual path of a small child, expand his knowledge and train his memory.

These are, for example: vegetables, paintings by famous artists, dinosaurs, musical instruments, symbols, continents, precious stones, hours, flowers and much more.

The BabyIsReading platform gives an access to the biggest intelligence bit base in Poland. What is more, an access to the program also allows you to use the recently added lessons and bits.

For those who do not want to view the cards on a computer, there is an option of printing them (previously adjusted in a program).

The most unique feature – not available in any competitive solutions of this kind is the ability to customize the font (color, typeface, size), change the images in the flash cards and display speed.

For instance, if you change the color or size of the font in the lesson and use the “Print” function, you will print the flash cards modified as you expect

Flash cards with intelligence bits according to Glenn Doman have to be:






One bit contains a word with a reader and a picture showing the presented phrase in a clear way.

Download free intelligence bits


Food and Drinks

Body parts

Household items