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About application

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The idea for the application originated from the practical experience with Agnes daughter. She wanted to make the most of her child’s potential and considered me to start with the project.

We started from zero, but as we quickly see that a lot of parents looks this kind of solutions. Lately we met a lot of circumstances:
– unfair competition,
– lawyers’ help
– additional costs (hosting, domain)

That’s all make that we had to slow down to take care of them.
Our team contains only 2 persons, me – geek programmer 🙂 and Agnes – English teacher by profession.

We cooperate with graphic designer.
Till now we were able to add over: 100 lessons, 1832 words in 38 categories in 3 languages: English, Polish and German

1981 words
118 lessons
38 categories

We would like to grow more to deliver a really great application to parents.

That’s our goal.