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How to teach a small child to read?

using the Doman method

Well, It’s really very simple πŸ™‚
Basically, the child learns to read … by himself. You provide adequate stimulation. If only the font we surround our little ones was large enough, they would probably learn to read instantly without our help.

So you need large cards with inscriptions. You can buy a ready set or prepare them yourself. Below is an example set of cards:

At this point, I would like to recommend a program to learn how to read. compatible with the Doman method. Baby Is Reading application – allows you to create your own lessons, and gives access to a huge database of fully customizable cards and the possibility to print them.

babyisreading.com - Application to learn reading for toddlers
babyisreading.com – Application to learn reading for toddlers

If you start reading with a really tiny child of several months, cards should be written in capital letters.

It is often said that this red is not necessary, that you can immediately use a black font – the idea in the original method was, however, that the red color extremely strongly attracts the child’s attention, especially when we are dealing with a baby whose visual path is not is still sufficiently developed.

The cards should be large – 10 cm x 60 cm, and the font should be 8 cm high.

When you create cards yourself, pay attention to the paper you are using. The cards will be in constant use, ordinary photocopier paper will not last long, if at all.

What should be on these cards?

Initially, you write individual words on the cards. You will do well if you use the words closest to your child. They should be the names and “names” of family members (mother, father, grandmother, etc.), objects and toys from the immediate surroundings.

Children love to read, generally learn), but not necessarily abstraction. So it’s important when reading or later intelligence bits to expand the child’s world from inside to outside, which means no less that we first familiarize the toddler with what is closest to him. Parents – especially mothers, are the natural teachers of their children, most of these things are or will become obvious and intuitive to you.

What do we do with cards? How to read

To start with, you need: 3 sets of 5 words in each, so 15 cards in total.

Day 1

On the first day you show your child one set 3 times a day. You show the words one by one by reading them aloud. It’s really about a quick session – in books: 1 word 1 second. We are departing from the requirement of a child staring for a long time until he gets bored – a quick show and ready. The breaks between sessions are at least half an hour for now, later you will be able to shorten them to 15 minutes.

Day 2

On the second day, you add the second set and show it three times in a row with the first one. So you have 2 sets, each you show 3 times, so 6 sessions during the day.

Day 3

The third day is the introduction of our last set – the third. You do what you did before: you show 3 sets, 5 words each, 3 times a day, 9 sessions in total.

Don’t worry, if you stick to the fact that it is going to be a joyful and quick session, these 9 sessions will not take you more than 10 minutes throughout the day. And your few months old child will already know 15 new words!

Days 4 and 5

Days 4 and 5 are days that fix these sets, so you show the sets in turns, just like on the third day.

After this time, you can remove one card from the first set added and replace it with a new one. The next day, you will also replace the card from the second set, then from the third. From now on, you replace the oldest card each day and replace it with a new one. In order to always know which card to exchange, I suggest to write on the back the date when you introduced it. As you can see, you change the card at the moment when the child sees it 15 times (5 days for 3 sessions). In this way, every day he learns new words.

What do we do next?

The next stages are just the next elements, the next words – the rules remain the same. Little by little, we will change the font to a smaller and darker one until we get to black.

Therefore, the next stages are:

  1. individual words,
  2. two-word expressions,
  3. complex sentences,
  4. try reading books

Just think how interesting the toddler’s world will become when he can read by himself.