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early, intuitive teaching

The “Baby Is Reading” application allows your baby to develop left-hemispheric skills.

In this category, you can find lessons thematically related to mathematics, including:


The program’s advantage is the revolutionary way of presenting content in a way that has never been possible before. It makes the child to engage in learning and the learning process becomes extremely easy for parents.

Thematic scope

Basics of counting

The way young children develop left-hemispheric skills is based on experience. Counting can become easy and pleasant thanks to intuitive learning and the use of various shapes. It effectively attracts attention during learning.

The child learns to recognize numbers based on the cards presented – quantitatively, naturally.
In the future, this will allow for easier assimilation of technical content.

Learning mathematics can be fun

The worst thing you can do is to discourage your child from learning.

Science must absorb and interest.

Caring for a positive attitude, we have implemented several improvements. They allow you to capture the attention of even the most active children.


In this category, all emphasis is placed on associating numbers with cards representing their number. It is much easier for a small child to learn numbers by using the mating process.

Each card presented is read by a teacher, so during learning, we also act on the child’s hearing. Using many senses makes memorization very easy.

Symbols and shapes

The basis of mathematics are symbols and shapes. The application allows you to present them in an accessible and clear way. Before moving on to more complex cards (actions, comparisons, sequences, patterns), we encourage you to start learning from the basic concepts.

Actions on numbers

This is the last and most complex field of mathematics.
In this subcategory, your child will learn the basics of counting: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and will learn to compare numbers.
The lessons are grouped according to the range of numbers which allows you to choose the level of difficulty.

The advantage of our application is randomness. The order of actions will never be repeated and the elements on the cards are generated dynamically.